blenwiq Receives Surpasses Ten Five-Star Reviews!


Thanks to the ever-evolving range of technologies at our disposal, the old adage holds true: our only limit is our imagination. It seems anything at all these days finds materialization through the perfect marriage of vision and craftsmanship. Even better, these artful outputs accomplish more than simple decorative purposes. 


Businesses worldwide are beginning to favor the 3D visual medium when it comes to marketing or brand awareness efforts. More and more people are also coming to understand its usefulness in securing investments, pushing a concept further towards tangibility, and helping customers get a feel of a product without needing to physically touch it. 


blenwiq already knows this, of course, which is why we commit to producing beautiful designs that our clients can include in their creative arsenal! 


Where traditional video production fails to deliver, animation gets behind the wheel. We’ve created explainer videos and promotional videos that excite, resonate with, and invoke support in its audiences. More importantly, we use our mastery of the digital form to ensure that your ideas are simplified, realized, and conveyed effectively to your customers. 


Our passion for the medium has seen us through several successful projects, and this time, we celebrate our 11th five-star review on the B2B ratings platform, Clutch!


We produced a set of 3D animations that a marketing agency could use for their customer. We took into consideration the background of this specific customer to ensure that our outputs were well-aligned with its momentous rebranding and visual history.


The team was awesome. They provided updates often they delivered within the promised deadline. Also, they were capable to make changes.


— Copywriter & Social Media Manager, Marketing Company


In the end, we were able to present a usable array of assets that were crisp, clean, and exemplified the spirit of the brand it would come to represent. Our clients were highly satisfied with the outcome. 


Positive testimonials have garnered blenwiq more than just a notable streak on Clutch. They’ve also earned us a mention on the newly launched B2B platform, Top Design Firms, as one of the top providers of video production work.


We extend our deepest gratitude to our customers whose support has hastened our move from humble beginnings to promising milestones!


Let our team realize your vision for your business! Talk to us to get started.